What is your weekend project?
Salvador Mendoza, security researcher and co-founder of the Women in Tech Fund, United States


Being a professional or a successful individual is not a transmutation from one day to another. The process to transform an idea to a service or product is not just the amount of thinking, but the valuable planning and the actions to make it real. This transformation process could be related to professionals in educational or information security areas. The education journey as security experts is a big part of the path; however, the dedication and practice are the short steps which constitutes the core of success.

What is your weekend project? It is mentality state that everyone in the industry needs to adopt. How a security professional or student will learn new things or methodologies with small projects. Small because that is how we used to refer to initial ideas that could become great life changing ideas that could improve our security industry.

Speaker Bio

Salvador Mendoza is a security researcher focusing in tokenization processes, payment systems & embedded prototypes. He has presented on tokenization and payment methods flaws at Black Hat, DEFCON, HITB, Troopers, 8dot8 and many other.

Salvador has discovered vulnerabilities in digital payment systems like Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Wells Fargo Wallet.

Implementing Cybersecurity from 0
Gabriel Bergel, CISSP, Chief Security Ambassador (CSA) at Eleven Paths, Member of (ISC)² Board of Directors, Chile


The year of 2018 marked a before and an after for Chileans in Cybersecurity. Gabriel will summarize what happened in Chile and in the world in Cybersecurity, which were the most important security breaches, the relevant actors, the main advances, etc. Understanding that not everyone has the same knowledge about Cybersecurity, which also does not have the same importance in different companies and that there is usually not much budget to implement controls. In a very academic way, Gabriel will explain the general context of how risk management and vulnerabilities in an organization should be addressed in an efficient way. And to address the main subject of the presentation, which is how to implement an adequate cybersecurity strategy from zero that really mitigates cyber-attacks, the first 10 controls of the 20 CIS Controls will be analyzed and he will explain the basis of their importance with examples of real cases of implementation and monitoring.

Speaker Bio

Chilean, Computer Engineer and Master in Cybersecurity. He has 15 years of experience in different areas of information security as Consultant, Project Manager, Security Engineer, Security Manager, CISO and Leader in Information Security. He regularly teaches courses, lectures, workshops and forums on information security in various institutions, universities and national and international events. He stands out his most recent speech in the Villa Biohacking of Defcon26 in Las Vegas. He is currently Chief Security Ambassador (CSA) at Eleven Paths, Member of the Board of Directors of (ISC)², Co-Founder and Organizer of the 8.8 Computer Security Conference, Coordinator of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) and Director of Public Policies at Whilolab . He holds various certifications, such as CISSP, Certified Lead Auditor ISO 27001, CBCP, CISM, C | CISO.

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